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9月で描いた絵/Tekeningen in september/Art in September

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Net als vorige maand ga ik ook dit bericht steeds updaten met nieuwe tekeningen.

Like last month, I’ll also update this post with new drawings.

Building a dolmen with magic.

(In dit geval mogen de Nederlanders ook het Engelse stuk lezen hieronder 😛 De andere stukjes ga ik wel weer in 3 talen schrijven, maar dit is een beetje een grote lap tekst en niet zo nuttig om ook nog in het Nederlands te gaan schrijven denk ik… Ik heb wel een aantal Nederlandse woorden tussen haakjes gezet voor de duidelijkheid.)

The first drawing shows my witch character building a dolmen (Dutch: hunebed), to be specific: Dolmen D15 near Loon in the Netherlands. I used one of my own photos as a reference for the dolmen (except for the floating stone, of course :P), which you can see here.
Dolmens in the Netherlands were built in the timeframe 3400-2850 B.C., by people of the Funnelbeaker culture
(Dutch: Trechterbekercultuur).
If there had been wizards and witches living among those people, they would most likely have been helping with building houses and tombs (like the dolmen). The people in that time period did live in houses(*), but I haven’t been able to find definite facts about the clothing they wore. The “
Archeologieboek” mentioned in (*) has concept drawings of both clothing made of leather (as J. & R. Horreüs de Haas decided on in their book as well), but also of linen clothing. In the Iron Age in the Netherlands, they certainly wore linen clothing (both wool and linen). As the clothing in the Bronze Age and Iron Age in the Netherlands was similar, I think it can be plausible that they wore similar linen clothing before that – especially if there had been wizards who could make the weaving of clothes go faster with their magic! And when I found this picture of re-enactors of a Dutch history museum (called “Archeon“), I saw they also had linen clothing (other re-enactors in that museum did wear leather clothing as well). Linen is a fabric that has been in use since at least 8000 BC, so it’s not odd that linen clothing would be worn during the Funnelbeaker culture period. That is why I decided to draw her wearing linen clothing, in a design from the book “Twee manen lang” (by Anneke Boonstra, ISBN 9060119762 (**)). I also made this clothing, photos are here. I found similar clothing designs online for both Bronze Age and Iron Age (including Viking Age, farther up North in Europe, and the Celts, more to the South).

(*) The book “ANWB Archeologieboek Nederland” by Evert van Ginkel & Roos Steehouwer (ISBN 9018008540) shows the type of houses built during the Funnelbeaker culture on page 22. The houses look similar to the ones built during the Iron Age. In the book “Als in het stenen tijdperk – Verslag van het spel in de Flevopolder” by J. & R. Horreüs de Haas (ISBN 9062072356), which is a book about how people lived in the stone age, they also built houses in the same way.
(**) Also available as a free PDF online here.


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  1. Hi Selene, I’m thinking of doing a wrap-up post for Art in August (I know, it’s October – so embarrassing!). I was thinking, it would look nice if I chose an art work from each participant and made a nine-panel mosaic of the pictures (not sure yet how to do this, but I’m willing to give it a try!)

    I want to check first that I have your permission to reproduce one of your images on my blog. I will rig it so that clicking on the image will take the reader to your post. I’m not sure yet which art work I will choose – I have a few favourites!

    Let me know what you think,. If you don’t manage to get back to me, I will assume all is well and post away, though I will take it down as soon as you ask me, of course!

    コメント by katelikestocreate — 2013年10月10日 @ 05:26

    • That’s okay 🙂 If you link back to me people know it’s my drawing. And because of your project I drew a lot in August, but not in September! And I haven’t made a drawing yet in October.
      So I enjoyed your project a lot 🙂

      コメント by セレネ — 2013年10月10日 @ 10:31

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